Caring for Your Art 101

When you buy art it's because of the beauty of the piece and how it completely transforms the atmosphere of any room. Along with the emotional response you get whenever you look at it. You want to make sure that you're taking the steps to ensure your art last lifetime.

Here's a quick guide to the basics when it comes to caring for your art. 


Keep it out of direct sunlight.
Your art should not be stored in damp areas such as cellars or basements
Be sure to keep your piece as far away as possible from heat sources such as fireplaces and boilers. You want to avoid areas that experience significant changes in temperature in general.
Investing in a painting rack is a good way to store multiple paintings that are not being displayed. These racks will prevent the pieces from touching each other which significantly reduces the chances of your art being damaged.


First thing you want to do is make sure your hands are clean and dry. Its best to always handle one piece at a time to avoid any damage.
When picking up a painting, you want to firmly grab both sides of the frame and not just one.
This way you’re not putting excessive weight in one area. You also want to avoid touching the painted surfaces.

Cleaning and Dusting

You want to use a soft, natural-hair artist brush for cleaning the actual painting. While applying little to no pressure, first brush in one direction completely. Then repeat in another direction until fully dusted.
You never want to use a chemical or ordinary kitchen cleaner as this may permanently damage the piece.
If your painting is cracked or flaking, do not dust as this may cause the issue to get worse.
If significant cleaning is required it is best to hire an expert for the job.