10 Beautifully Designed African Art Inspired Phone Cases

One of the most common ways of expressing yourself today is with phone cases. With just one look you give others a sneak peek into your personality. 

At Authentic Nigerian Art, we love supporting anything regarding Africa. So today we wanted to highlight some sensational phone cases inspired by Africa and African Art. We hope you enjoy our list.

1. African Madonna Phone Case

"African Madonna" is a self-initiated project by illustration studio, Studio Muti. 

“Combining elements from South African tribal culture and referencing religious icons, we came up with our version of an African Madonna."


2. Red Agbada Phone Case

Designed by Raymond Akembo.

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3. African Tribal Mask Phone Case

Designer unknown. 

4. Kente Cloth Phone Case

Designed by Nora Wed at Etnic Africa.


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5. Dashiki Phone Case

Designed by Esta at Essy Couture

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6. Woman Of Africa Phone Case

Designed by Emi at Sjemmie Land.

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7. Woman Of Africa Phone Case

Designer unknown.

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8. Gele Phone Case

Designed by Zabba Designs.


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9. Traditional Native Phone Case

Designed by Nyambura Rose at Zuriwax.

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10. Traditional Native Phone Case

Designed by Ijeoma Mercy Seidlitz at Afro Colours.

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