Top 10 Phone Cases That Will Have You Saying WTF

Just because we knew the world was dying to know, here are the top 10 phone cases that will leave you scratching your head.


1. Nose Case

When you want to pick your nose but don't want to be judged (at least not too much).





2. Lobster Case

Bring in the dancing lobsters! (shout out to my 90s babies)



3. Teeth Phone Case

When you want people to think you're really, really, really, weird.



4. Underwear Case




5. The Siri 3d Printed Case

This is honestly pretty cool.



6. Crunchy Fried Chicken Case

For when you have an unending desire to let people know you love fried chicken.



7. Hand Case

Perfect for when you want the police called on you as fast as possible.




8. The Isopod Case

This case doesn't do justice to just how creepy these things are. See for your self.



9. Mole Skin Case

I just need to know why.


10. Ballsy Phone Cases

Don't lie, you giggled.


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