Fair Trade Principles

As fellow Nigerians, we're very passionate about helping our people and know without them none of this would be possible. 

How We Do Business

  • We only buy directly from the artist at above the prices they command. We want to make sure they're fairly compensated for their work.


  • We feature them on our website and in our blog at no additional cost. We know the exposure can do wonders for their careers.


  • All of our artist receive commission on the prints/products inspired by their art. As an artist it can be hard to have a continuous source of income so we try to assist in any way possible.


  • We build a personal relationship with these artist. We travel to Nigeria multiple times a year to meet with them directly, purchase additional pieces and let them know how much people love their art.


If you have any additional questions about our Fair Trade Policy, or ideas on how we can improve it, please reach out below. We'd love to hear from you.